Scorpio Valigeria is a trademark of FRAM Valigeria and it deals with on-line selling only of FRAM's cases.

FRAM is considered the best italian brand of production of aluminium technical cases and it is known and appreciated by "Made in Italy" lovers for the exclusive design and overall for the solidity of its creations.

The Company puts together technological innovation, which is essential for some steps, and its handcrafted soul due to the long family history of cases craftsmen.

Scorpio Valigeria proposes a wide range of cases, which are divided in several articles and measures.

It proposes  tool-cases for technical assistance, demo cases for any branch, aluminium cases for the transport and protection of equipments, Flight-cases and aluminium trunks for the shipment of delicate machineries, ecc.

Scorpio Valigeria has got the certainty of knowing how to satisfy and exceed your expectations and it hopes you will share your satisfaction on this web-site.